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Character Lamps

These individual lamps are made from native trees, ash, oak, elm and yew. Some of the oak is reclaimed from large beams or posts.

Most of the lamps will have seasoning and growth characteristics like shake and knots. The natural surface of the wood on some lamps will have a weathered appearance contrasting with the remaining part, which is smooth.

Any piece of wood is unique, but these lamps offer a wealth of interest.

The yew lamps exhibit spectacular colour changes and grain patterns.

Ash lamps can usually be supplied with or without bark.


Ash Lamp

Height: 9-12" (23-30cm)
Diam: 6-7" (15-18cm)
Wood: Ash
Finish: Natural

Price: From £32.00

Oak Lamp

Height: 9-16" (23-41cm)
Diam: 5-8½" (13-21cm)
Wood: Oak
Finish: Natural or Dark

Price: From £32.00

Elm Lamp

Height: 9-16" (23-41cm)
Diam: 5-8½" (13-21cm)
Wood: Elm
Finish: Natural

Price: From £32.00
Yew Lamp

Height: 9-16” (23-41cm)
Diam: 5-9” (13-23cm)
Wood: Yew
Finish: Natural

Price: From £34.00
Please view the selection of character lamps available now in the shop. We have other lamps in production, details of which can be obtained by phone or email. Or you can commission the lamp of your choice.