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Picture shows: Back row - Apple, Yew, Yew, Spalted Beech, Padauk.
Front row - Padauk, Spalted Beech, Zebrano, Walnut.

Apples & Pears are usually available in the following woods:

Yew, Spalted Beech, Ash, Oak, Elm, Apple, Walnut, Cherry, Robinia Acacia, Padauk, Zebrano, Wenge


Burrwood Apples & Pears (see Fruit Information for a description of what burrwood is) are usually available in Burr Oak, Burr Elm, Burr chestnut & Robinia Burr


Picture shows: Back row - Chestnut, Oak, Robinia. Front row - Oak, Elm

Banksia Nut Apples and Pears. These are fascinating fruit made from the empty seed pods of the Banksia Grandis tree which grows in Western Australia.


Lemons, made from Robinia Acacia (Black locust) which is a naturally yellow wood - £9.00

Bananas, made from Robinia Acacia - £18.00

Cherries, made in a choice of red (Padauk), purple (Purple Heart), yellow (Robinia) and black (Wenge). - £8.50

Plums are available in the same woods as the apples & pears - £6.50

Bowl of Fruit

Contents can be selected by you or give us some ideas and leave the rest to us. Bowls can be selected to suit the size of the display.

Autumn Fruit. By making the most of naturally occurring bark cavities and other interesting growth characteristics, these fruits are made to resemble over ripeness and decay. The finished fruits are of course stable pieces of timber, which will not decay. They are more time consuming to make, but well worth the extra effort, they are unusual and very collectable. Typical woods are burr elm, burr oak, yew, figured ash and chestnut burr. £12.50 - £14.50

Waspie fruits. A beautifully crafted wasp is secured in one of the cavities of an autumn fruit to provide a sight familiar to anyone with an apple or pear tree in the garden. - £16.50

Please view the selection of fruit available in the shop

Big Fruit

Oak apple with real fruit alongside.

Figured ash apple.

These are made from locally grown native timbers such as ash, oak and yew purchased unseasoned from local sources to keep the cost down. A 6" (150mm) diameter apple uses 8 times more timber than a life-sized fruit. Reclaimed wood, usually oak, is also used.

Many of the fruit will have seasoning and growth characteristics like shake and knots which all add to the charm of these popular items.

Our life-sized fruit are around 3" (76mm) diameter. Big fruit regularly go up to 6½" (165mm) with a few special ones up to 9" (165mm). These fruits have been part turned and looked after for years to ensure they are stable enough to finish and sell.

Sample prices:-
4" oak apple £14.50

5" ash apple £18.00

4 ½ " yew pear £19.00

Contact us for your requirements or to check our current stock list.